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Procrustean bed, airscrew, anamorphism, anamorphosis, apply pressure, articulate, ask, ask for, asymmetry, badger, ball, batten, batten down, be intimate, beat, bed of Procrustes, begrudge, beguile of, bend, bilk, blackmail, bleed, bleed white, bollix up, bolt, boot, botch, buckle, bugger up, bull, bunco, bungle, burn, butt, button, call for, call up, call upon, challenge, cheat, chisel, chouse, chouse out of, circle, circulate, circumrotate, circumvolute, cirrus, claim, clamor for, clasp, cleat, clip, coerce, cog, cog the dice, cohabit, coil, come together, commandant, commit adultery, compel, con, constrain, contort, contortion, copulate, corkscrew, couple, cover, cozen, crank, crib, crimp, crimple, crinkle, crook, crookedness, crumple, cry for, curl, curlicue, custodian, deform, defraud, demand, destroy, detorsion, deviation, diddle, disproportion, distort, distortion, do, do in, do out of, dovetail, draw on, driver, euchre, evolute, exact, exploit, extort, famish, fan, finagle, flam, flee, fleece, flimflam, fly, fob, force, force from, fornicate, frig, fuck, fuck up, fudge, gaoler, gnarl, go around, go round, gouge, governor, grudge, guard, guardian, gull, gyp, gyrate, gyre, hasp, have, have sex, have sexual relations, helix, hinge, hitch, hocus, hocus-pocus, hold up, hook, imbalance, impeller, impose, increase, indent, influence, insist, intort, involute, iron heel, irregularity, issue an ultimatum, jailer, jam, joint, keeper, kink, knot, lank, latch, lay, levy, levy blackmail, lie with, live upon nothing, lock, lopsidedness, louse up, make a demand, make it with, make love, make off, make out, mate, meander, mishandle, mismanage, miter, mortise, mount, muddle, mulct, nail, oblige, order, order up, overcharge, overprice, overtax, pack the deal, paddle wheel, peg, pigeon, pin, pinch, pinch pennies, pirouette, piston, pivot, place an order, practice fraud upon, press, pressure, principal keeper, prison guard, profiteer, prop, propellant, propeller, propulsor, pry loose from, put in requisition, quirk, rabbet, rack, raise, ream, rend, rend from, require, requisition, revolve, rimple, ringlet, rip, rip from, rivet, roll, rook, rotate, rotor, round, ruckle, ruin, rumple, run, scallop, scam, scamp, scamper, scant, scarf, scarpines, scoot, scrape, screw propeller, screw up, screwing, scrimp, scroll, scrunch, sell gold bricks, serpentine, serve, service, sew, sexual intercourse, shake down, shave, shortchange, skedaddle, skewer, skimp, skin, skip, sleep with, slink, snake, snap, snatch from, soak, spare, spin, spiral, spring, squeeze, stack the cards, staple, starve, stick, sting, stint, stitch, strain, stretch, summon, surcharge, swindle, swing, swirl, swivel, tack, take, take a dive, tap, tear from, tendril, thimblerig, throw a fight, thumbscrew, toggle, torsion, tortuosity, turbine, turn, turn a pirouette, turn around, turn awry, turn round, turnkey, twin screws, twine, twirl, twist, twist and turn, unsymmetry, victimize, volute, volution, vortex, wamble, warden, warder, warn, warp, wedge, wheel, whirl, whorl, wind, worm, wrench, wrench from, wrest, wring, wring from, wrinkle, writhe, zipper

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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